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Nonna’s Kitchen Weekly Dinners

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Surprise your family, friends or why not even yourself with Nonna's dinner packages!

Your friend has just given birth to a beautiful baby? Your sister is planning a big event this week? Or you simply want to lay off cooking for a week? Nonna’s Kitchen has got you covered!

Cooking can be a tiring experience, especially when a big event has happened or is going to happen soon. Surprise your loved ones (or why not even yourself) with Nonna’s weekly dinner packages!

🥗 What you receive:
– Pre-cooked dinners that can easily be heated up on the stove or in the microwave. Carefully selected products, married together in perfect harmony to ensure a healthy hearty meal for everyone’s taste.
– The weekly meals come individually packaged in a beautiful box for convenience, menu included on the side.
– An option for a custom message, according to the event specifics.

📲 How to order:

Please place your order at least 72 hours in advance!

Email us at with the following information:

– how many days you’d like to order for (5 days or more)
– what meals you’ve chosen
– how many people you’d like to include food for
– if you’d like a custom message (i.e. Happy birthday!, It’s a boy/girl!, etc.)

🎈 How much it costs: $25/day per person
** Delivery is available upon request with an additional charge.

Check out our full menu and order your weekly dinners today at (at least 72 hours in advance)! 

Request & receive a beautiful flyer with your order:

Meat Options

Vegetarian Options

Vegan Options

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