Gluten-free breads – $3.50/piece or $35/pan

Banana bread, Pumpkin bread, Cornbread, Scones


with cream cheese – $4
peanut butter regular – $5
peanut butter and bacon – $8
peanut butter and turkey – $8

Freshly-baked savory muffins – $6

with spinach, peppers and cheddar cheese

Breakfast sandwiches & wraps – $10

with bacon, with sausage, vegetarian

Bulgarian traditional pastry – $8

Banitza with spinach, eggs and cheese or spinach, eggs, cheese and bacon

Freshly-baked pastry

Croissants – $3 jam/butter

Cheese cones, Raisin Cones, Ham and cheese puffs – $8


English muffin – $7

Tuna salad – $10

Egg salad – $10


Fresh made sandwiches

Ciabatta, chicken milanese, tomato, garlic aioli, spinach – $14

Italian parmesan bread, roasted chicken, roasted red pepper, provolone, lettuce – $14

Multigrain baguette, roasted turkey, eggplant, mayo spread, swiss, lettuce – $14

Ciabatta, roasted ham, pickled onions, cheddar, lettuce & tomato – $14

Vegetarian/vegan – multigrain- roasted eggplant, zucchini and red peppers with hummus – $14

Fish cake on a toast with mayo, lettuce and tomato – $12

Veggie sandwich- roasted zucchini and feta fritters, yogurt dill sauce, roasted red pepper & cucumber on foccacia – $14


Falafel wrap – falafel, zhoug, tahini, cucumber, tomato, cabbage – $13

Chicken salad, lettuce, tomato – $13

Tuna salad, lettuce, tomato – $13

Roasted beef, mustard, horseradish, swiss, spinach – $13

Chili – $9/small or $11/medium or $20/large

Beef, Veggie

Homemade soups – $5.95/small or $6.95/medium or $13/large

Turkey barley; Chunky veggies; Chicken noodle; Lentil; Italian wedding; Butternut squash; chicken spinach barley; Veggie barley, Greek chicken lemon soup

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Salad/bowl – $16

Quinoa, bean sprouts, edamame, black beans, chickpeas, baby kale, feta cheese, roasted chicken, creamy avocado dressing

Chicken Caesar with Roasted Turkey/ Roasted chicken/ tuna salad/ chicken salad

Salad bowl – arugula, quinoa, avocado, pumpkin seeds, feta cheese- chicken/turkey/beef- balsamic glace

Pies – $12

Lamb pie; Chicken broccoli cream pie; Chicken pie; Chicken veggie pie; Chicken curry pie

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Chips – $2

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Kids crudité in cups – peppers, celery, carrots with hummus/red pepper dip or eggplant dip – $5

Kids crudité with homemade dips /train Crudite platter/ – $10

Large with homemade dips – $10 per person


Meatballs with choice of dip – $6/2 pcs
Chicken meatballs with choice of dip – $6/2 pcs
Vegan meatballs with tomato sauce dip – $6/2 pcs
Mini cheese balls on a stick – $5/2 pcs

Breakfast cups

Cheesecake cups with berries – $6/each
Yogurt parfait cups with granola and berries – $5/each
Mixed berry cups – $6/each


Spinach, peppers and cheese – $2.50/each
Cornbread; Banana bread; Pumpkin bread; Cornbread hot dog – $2/each GF

Tea Party Sandwiches

Mini Croissants with ham and cheese – $5/2 pcs
Cream cheese and cucumber – $5/2 pcs
Mini grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato sauce – $5/2 pcs
Bacon spinach cheese bread balls – $5
Chicken salad Napa Valley wrap – $5
Tuna salad Napa Valley wrap – $5
Egg salad and bacon bits wrap – $4
Egg salad and ham – $5
Ham and cheese puffs – $6
Fish cake sandwiches – $6
Zucchini and feta fritter sandwich – $6
Nonna’s kitchen sliders – kofta burgers with roasted red pepper spread – $6
Cream cheese and avocado – $5
Peanut butter and banana sandwich – $4
Cream cheese and bacon – $4
Cream cheese and strawberry – $5
Cream cheese and tuna – $5
Avocado, carrot and cucumber wrap – $5
Salmon salad, celery, onion, mayo – $5
Chickpea salad with carrots, celery, onion, mayo – $4
Roasted red pepper with feta – $4
Nutella and banana – $5

Crostini – $6/each

Smoked salmon cream cheese and chives
Ricotta and cream cheese with cherry tomatoes and balsamic glace
Cream cheese, blueberry and apricot jam
Boiled egg with chives and mayo aoli
Cream cheese, cucumber, dill, mint
Ricotta and cream cheese with strawberry and balsamic glace
Figs, ricotta and cream cheese and walnuts

Finger Food

Chicken parmesan bites – $5/2 pcs
Shrimps with guacamole on tortilla – $4/1 pc
Mac’N’Cheese muffins – $4/each
Mac’N’cheese’N’Bacon mini muffins – $4/each
Devils eggs- bird décor – $5/each
Celery snails and caterpillars pieces – peanut butter and cream cheese – $5/2 pcs
Lady bug snack – jam and cheese puffs – 4/2 pcs
Spinach, eggs and feta puffs – $3
Hot dog puffs – $2
Izraeli falafel – $3


Pancake berry – $5/2 pcs

Fruit skewer – $10/2 pcs

Fruit bowl – $10/2 pcs

Watermelon and feta – $3/each

Hot Beverages


Latte single
Chai latte
Hot chocolate

Coffee syrups

French Vanilla


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We also have Special coffees

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